Why You Should Consider Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops may sound somewhat unfamiliar to you, but if you have ever heard of Corian countertops, you have heard of solid surface countertops. While Corian countertops may have gotten a bad reputation in the past, there are high-quality solid surface countertops now that make excellent options for both bathrooms and kitchens. For many years, Dupont had a patent on Corian countertops but that has since expired and there are now many different solid surface countertop manufacturers. As with anything, the quality can vary significantly between manufacturers but one manufacturer makes exceptional quality solid surface countertops – Wilsonart.

So what exactly are solid surface countertops composed of?  Wilsonart explains how they make their unique products, “Wilsonart® Solid Surface is manufactured with acrylic resins, fire-retardant fillers and proprietary coloring agents that are homogeneous, with uniform color throughout their thickness…Color and pattern are uniform for the entire material thickness and sheets are color matched to adjacent solid surface sheets within the same lot reference…Wilsonart® Solid Surface is highly resistant to impact fracturing and elevated temperatures. The material has very low moisture absorption, does not support fungal or bacterial growth, and is stain resistant.”

With over a decade of making solid surface countertops, Wilsonart knows how to make the kind of durable and lasting countertops homeowners want. And, while all countertops will experience some natural wear and tear over time, the advantage of solid surface countertops from Wilsonart is that the surface can be buffed to get rid of minor scratches and stubborn stains.