Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Whether you are in the middle of a kitchen remodel or you would just like to change your faucet up, choosing a new kitchen faucet is no easy task! There are many different options at a variety of price points including standard faucets, smart faucets, and everything in between. Your kitchen sink is one of your most-used areas in your entire kitchen so you want something that not only looks great but has the features you need.

Kitchen Faucet Finish

Kitchen faucets are available in an array of colors and finishes including stainless steel, black, copper, brushed nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze, and chrome, as well as others. Many homeowners prefer to coordinate their kitchen faucet finish with the finish of their cabinet hardware but there is a growing trend to mix finishes.

Kitchen Faucet Style

Faucets come with either no sprayer or, far more commonly, with various different sprayer styles.  They can be pulled down and turned on in various ways to think about what is most convenient for you when choosing. There are also many kitchen faucet styles so choose one that best coordinates with the general aesthetic of the kitchen for a seamless design.

Kitchen Faucet Features

Hands-free controls make it easy to turn your faucet on and off with the wave of a hand and there are even some smart faucets now that can be voice-controlled. In addition to smart features consider whether you would prefer one or two handles because that could impact the number of holes you need for installation.

How to choose the best faucets?

Whether homeowners are replacing old fixtures or installing new faucets for their kitchen, they should consider a few things to make an informed decision.


The most common factor to focus on is choosing between different types: deck-mount or wall-mount. Each of these options has its own set of advantages. Essentially, people should choose their faucets before installing a sink, or else they have to spend time and money on drilling new access points.


Fixtures have either one handle or two based on the water options available. Some may include sprayers that can be pulled out to stream water. Hands-free faucets are a modern choice that enriches functionality and convenience. It even makes the space more accessible for people with physical limitations.


Faucets are installed in two different ways: top and bottom-mount. Both of these installation options change according to the installed sinks as well. Since it is essential for day-to-day use, homeowners should focus on the installation need and research the available options for the best value.

Points To Remember While Picking A Kitchen Faucet.


At first, before picking up an ideal kitchen faucet, it is crucial to decide whether a homeowner needs a sink mount, deck-mount, or wall mount, as they specialize in different features. Habitually, wall-mounted installations are perfect for single basin sinks, whereas deck-mounted are best for farmhouses, also make sure how many holes are available in the sink.

Faultless Arc:

Based on the distance from the top of a sink to the base of its spout, homeowners will choose the faucet arc. If a person is looking to fill the sink with massive pots and pans then, a tall nozzle arc may be the best option. Otherwise, they need a small one for a better look and to fill up with simple appliances, go with a short faucet arc.

Sprayer Function:

Where people choose a modern or transitional type then, it contains a sprayer. So, it is vital to check out the function of this that provides easy or clean wash. Furthermore, it permits adequate water flow and reaches each corner of the sink. However, it is specially created for many effortless or arduous kitchen tasks that range from watering creamers to washout tough vegetables or fruits grime. Moreover, there is an array of varieties at hand to shape one’s faucet better such as pull-down, pull-out, side sprayer, so on.


Comprehending the best mounting kind is a way to choose a perfect faucet and also it is vital that the nozzle aligns with several holes are drilled through the countertops or sinks. If a homeowner requires to replace or construct a new one, just go with multiple holes.


Another crucial thing to be considered is valve material where it offers high durability and functionality for the faucet. As a result, experts suggest ceramic valves that provide long-term reliability and stay drip-free for an extended time.