Solid Surface Countertop Benefits

Though it may be very popular and luxurious to use natural stone in kitchen tops, there are times when natural stone is not ideal for the specific application or budget with which you are working. When this is the case, an excellent option to consider is a solid surface countertop material. Solid surfaces, such as Wilsonart solid surfaces, offer a number of benefits that cannot be achieved with natural stone. Below, we take a closer look at why you should consider solid surface countertops for your home, commercial building, healthcare business, or foodservice interior.

Solid Surface Countertop Benefits


Solid surface countertops are incredibly durable. They have minimal amounts of seams, unlike natural stone countertops often have, are non-porous which means that they do not stain easily and they do not harbor harmful bacteria as well as other materials.


Natural stone slabs are not easily repaired which means if they become damaged it can be very costly. Solid surface countertops are actually repairable which means that if they sustain damage, they can often be repaired without having to be replaced completely.


Because solid surface countertops are manmade, they are not made of any natural substance or slab extracted from the earth which makes them an excellent eco-friendly and highly renewable countertop material source.

Low Maintenance

Most kitchen and bathroom countertop materials have to be routinely sealed to protect them from stains and other damages but solid surface countertops do not require this tedious maintenance. Because they are durable and non-porous, you will not have to worry about continually sealing them, they will just keep looking great!