Single Sink vs. Double Sink

When shopping for a kitchen sink, you will quickly learn that there are many different sizes, styles, finishes, and options. But, one of the most timeless and relevant debates you are likely to have with yourself is whether you want a single or double sink. Each style has unique advantages and disadvantages to consider that will be dependent on personal preferences, lifestyle, available space, and more.

Single sinks have one large basin in which to do all of your washing and soaking. This is nice if you have a lot of large or uniquely shaped pots and pans that need more space. Single bowl sinks have become much more popular than double bowl sinks because fewer people soak their dishes and instead use their dishwashers. Single bowl sinks give you more space and are easier to clean because they are one large basin.

Double bowl sinks have become less popular but that does not mean they should be completely ruled out. If you prefer to soak things or like to have a separate area for washing food and washing dishes a double sink may be the best option for you. Double sinks also give you the flexibility to put more fragile dinnerware and drinkware on one side while putting heavier duty items on the other side which can help reduce accidental breaks. It is important to note that double bowl sinks tend to be more expensive to purchase. They are also ore expensive to install because they have two drains. Either way you go, your new sink should not only appeal to your aesthetic preferences but your lifestyle and kitchen habits as well.