Remodel Your Kitchen with Phoenician Cabinets

One of the biggest decisions in any kitchen remodeling project is what cabinetry to install. You have to first consider your budget and then think about the manufacturing style, material type, finishes, and features you want to have in cabinetry.  Your cabinets will be a major focal point so it is important that you love their appearance, but they also need to be functional and serve your unique storage and use needs. If you are looking for a timeless style, Phoenician Cabinets are a great option.

Phoenician Cabinets have a versatile style that is highly durable. Additionally, Phoenician kitchen cabinets in Glendale AZ come in two different styles to blend seamlessly with almost any design aesthetic!  The first of the two styles is Alpine Series which is an excellent option for homes looking for a contemporary, frameless style and three-door styles from which to choose.  If you like a more traditional aesthetic, the Highland Series may be a perfect fit. It has hardwood face frames and soft-close drawer glides which means no more slamming drawers!

Both Phoenician Cabinets’ styles are of excellent quality and will stand the test of time. Both styles have what are known as ‘stay put’ door bumpers and have integrated soft-close hinges. With Phoenician Cabinets, the quality is superior and the two unique styles will appeal to almost any design aesthetic, making them an excellent option to consider for your kitchen remodel.

What is the best way to install kitchen cabinets?


Start with a thorough inspection of Phoenician cabinets. Open the package and check if all the ordered pieces are provided. People need shelves, drawers, cabinet boxes, and drawer fronts to start an installation. Some packages will also contain extra trims and filler strops to help with the overall assembly.

Locate spots

Take time to locate the best place to install cabinets. Most kitchens layouts will not be level and flat. People should find a high point in their same and use it as a reference. Place a mark on that spot to indicate the high end. Run a straight edge parallel to the wall and compare with the front of cabinets.

Select hardware

People need to choose the right hardware for their cabinet installation. Typically, wall studs are used to install cabinets. The wall studs will consist of washer-head screws. Drywall installations need toggle bolts that are used to position drawers in an adjacent position.

Completion steps

Once the cabinet and doors are installed, the process is nearly complete. It is essential to loosen the screws and adjust drawers in a vertical alignment. Examine the fixed drawer for proper alignment. Make sure to check the level of each part after tightening.

What are the tips for efficient cabinet installation?

Mark first

Prior to starting any installing process, people should mark the layout and create a blueprint. They must label each location from the highest point on the floor. The vertical line will then mark the edge of a placement position.

Shim bows

Most pre-assembly cabinets can be shimmed as per measurements. If there is an extreme bow in the surface, people can shim them before fastening cabinets into the location. Use a level to check the wall and slide a shim before taping it into place.

Oversized holes

The best tip from experts is cutting oversized holes. This makes it easier to slide cabinets without any unnecessary hassles. Preferring exact-sized holes could cause the blocks to move during installation. One also extra space to make any further adjustments. Once finished, fill the oversized holes with scrubbers or other materials.


What to look for in cabinets?

People should check the overall quality of a cabinet build. Check the face frame and inset drawers that surround it. The construction should also meet ANSI standards by using a high-density board or plywood. The quality of fasteners should also be noted for better quality.

How to choose within the budget?

There is a huge difference between cabinet prices due to the wide range of finishes, styles, and materials available on the market. Typically, one should pay attention to the overall cost of their renovation, while upgrading to Phoenician cabinets.

Can I choose a DIY cabinet installation?

DIY can be a cost-saving option for smaller installations. However, homeowners need the expertise of experienced technicians to help with the assembly. They can avoid damages or errors that could affect the budget of a project. Professional installations also deter any safety risks.