Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Cabinet Contractor

Kitchens are one of the most regularly used rooms in many homes. These days, the modern kitchen is no longer simply about cooking. It’s often where family and friends gather, even if no drinks or food are involved. Yet kitchens can get dated pretty quickly. Fortunately, you can hire a kitchen cabinet contractor to update and remodel your kitchen. Finding the right contractor is crucial. Before signing any contracts, it’s smart to do some basic research. You’ll also want to ask any potential partners some crucial questions. Let’s take a look at some things worth exploring.

What’s Your License Number?

Let’s cut straight to the chase with the first question since some unscrupulous parties will work without having the needed licenses. If a potential kitchen cabinet contractor can’t provide their number, that’s a major red flag. Fortunately, reputable contractors won’t hesitate to provide the number. Once you have a contractor’s license number, you may be able to look up whether there have been any complaints or other issues. You might also be able to send an inquiry to relevant government authorities.

Are You Fully Insured?

Legitimate contractors will have all the necessary insurance in place needed to minimize risks. This includes insurance to cover employee injuries, work automobiles, damage to your property, and everything else. Insurance is crucial for protecting the company, its employees, and your family.

How Many Projects Do You Have Right Now?

Capacity is important, and sometimes even well-intended companies will bite off more than they can chew. Unfortunately, if a contractor has too many projects on their plate, your timeline could end up getting stretched. Arguably worse, if a contractor rushes through a job, it could result in lower quality results. Of course, the best kitchen cabinet contractor will likely be quite busy. It’s okay to wait until their schedule frees up. However, you’ll want assurances that the job won’t be rushed.

How Well-Trained Is Your Staff?

It’s smart to talk with contractors about their crew members. A great kitchen cabinet contractor will strive to develop a highly-skilled team. Often, this means providing more than competitive pay and benefits. In the long run, however, a contractor that invests in its workforce may increase its chances of success.

According to This Old House, kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years. If you want to enjoy your cabinets for decades, you’ll need to have them installed by true professionals. Contact our team at Desert Prestige Designs Kitchen & Bath to get started!