How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets

When designing a new bathroom for a remodel, the cabinets are sometimes the most important design feature. The cabinets are the framework around which the whole bathroom is planned. They need to coordinate with the floors and walls of the bathroom, as well as the countertop and metal fixtures. Choosing the right design and material is an important task.

There are many designs to choose from. Some of the most popular are flat style cabinets, Louvered style, and shaker cabinets. Flat style cabinets are the most modern-looking with their clean lines and simple hardware. If you are wanting a more modern look for your bathroom, this style is the best choice. There are many choices for material and finish after you have chosen what type of cabinets you want. Louvered cabinets feature elegant slats in the door for ventilation and style. These cabinets are easily recognizable because of their timeless form and functionality. Shaker-type cabinets can fit in any type of bathroom such as traditional, modern, eclectic or transitional. Their simple yet elegant design lends them to many types of uses and is usually the most popular choice.

Cabinets come in a few different materials. The most popular material is wood. Wood can be covered in a variety of finishes including paint and stain. Solid wood that is properly painted and or stained will last the longest in a bathroom. Oak and maple are the best solid wood choices for a bathroom as they will be exposed to humidity and moisture. Plywood cabinets are a good choice for bathrooms because they will not expand in moisture like some solid wood cabinets.  Bamboo and laminate are two other popular materials. If the cabinets are properly sealed and installed, you will not have any problems. Our company works closely with the four best cabinet providers. Any of these brands can be used to find your perfect bathroom cabinets with style, material, and finish.