Choosing Decorative Accents for Your Kitchen

There are certain things that are fundamental to every kitchen remodel – cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc. But, while those may be the big decisions that must be made, decisions that are of equal importance are the decorative accents you choose. What is an ice cream sundae without the toppings? What is a pretty dress without jewelry? What is food without seasoning? Boring. And, most homeowners undertaking a kitchen remodel do not want their new kitchen to be boring.

Decorative accents are so important because they accentuate the beauty and uniqueness of your kitchen’s design elements. They highlight attractive elements or draw attention to focal points to create an aesthetic atmosphere you love. After all, a kitchen is not just about function, it should look like a beautiful extension of the rest of your home. Decorative accents include things like tile or stone backsplash, mosaics, brick accents, hardware, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, unique range hoods, decorative moldings and wood accents, etc.

Whether you want to accent with pops of color, unique patterns, interesting textures, beautiful materials, or other decorative details, there are many possibilities to choose from that will elevate the kitchen design. Choose decorative elements that coordinate with the general architectural and interior design of your home. They do not need to match, but they should exude the same aesthetic attributes. For help coordinating your decorative accents with your kitchen remodel to ensure you love the end result, consult an experienced remodeling professional.