Bathroom Remodel Tips

We would all love to have that perfect bathroom oasis that seamlessly combines function with beauty. Every homeowner has a different vision for what they would like to see their bathroom look like but getting the specific details nailed down can be challenging with so many possibilities and price points. Fortunately, there are some general tips any homeowner can follow when remodeling their bathroom to ensure they love the outcome.

  • Start with a plan and a budget. Staying on track and on a budget is hard with any remodeling project and that is certainly true of bathroom remodels. Start with a budget that includes some wiggle room (10% of your budget or more, ideally) to ensure you can cover unexpected costs that do tend to arise.
  • If you need to save money, don’t move bathroom plumbing. Moving plumbing adds up quickly so if possible, keep the plumbing in its existing location to stay on a tighter budget.
  • Think about function. While we all want a beautiful bathroom, that does not mean function has to be sacrificed. Maybe you want to add double sinks, a soaker tub, or a steam shower. This is your chance to make your bathroom function exactly the way you want it to for your lifestyle.
  • Opt for durability in your bathroom materials. There are so many high-quality, on-trend, beautiful bathroom materials that are also durable. Bathrooms see a lot of activity and have to deal with moisture and humidity so choose something that can stand the test of time and provide you the best return on your investment.