3 Bathroom Remodel Essentials

Getting ready to remodel your bathroom? Choosing what you want to change in your bathroom to bring your vision to life is no simple task. There are many different ways to remodel a bathroom. And, while some of those things will be unique to you and your lifestyle, there are a few bathroom remodel essentials that everyone should consider.

3 Bathroom Remodel Essentials

● Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is a central design element of your bathroom and one of the most important things to update when remodeling. When choosing styles and features, consider how much storage you need, if you want any open shelving that displays items, the dimensions of your bathroom, the aesthetic style of your bathroom, and your ideal height for optimal functionality.

● Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is extremely important because it is not only decorative but also plays an essential role in getting ready every day. In a bathroom, you tend to need more than one lighting source. Can and overhead lighting is excellent for supplying necessary lighting in the space, wall sconces are important for things like makeup application and shaving because it allows you to see your face much better, and other lighting accessories can also help you set the mood in your bathroom.

● Upgrade Your Bathroom Flooring

Bathrooms tend to get wet so non-slip flooring should be a priority, particularly in the shower. In addition to choosing something that is safe, you want to choose materials that are durable and won’t be easily damaged by water. Fortunately, there are many different materials, styles, colors, and patterns to choose from that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and stand up to the test of daily use.

What are the best ways to remodel a bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling projects are a significant investment that has many notable benefits. However, it is quite expensive and may involve labor-intense works. This is the reason why many people skip remodeling their bathroom during complete home renovations. Fortunately, there are some tips that could make this project easier and cost-effective.


Bathroom renovations provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade sanitaryware or add new fixtures to the space. It is essential to maintain the aesthetics when adding new items. The cost-effective way is to buying quality products from hardware stores. If there are existing fixtures, they can reuse them with a new spray painting as well. When it comes to plumbing systems, always reuse existing pipes if there are no damages. It will help to save money by avoiding extensive reworks. In such cases, hire experienced contractors who are capable of replacing plumbing systems. They could also make the projects more accessible for homeowners.


For smaller bathrooms, relocating existing fixtures could make a huge difference. For instance, changing bathtub’s locations could provide more space to work on other fixtures. People can also change faucets to save costs. However, it is essential to let professionals handle this work to minimize plumbing complications.


Experts often recommend homeowners to buy sanitaryware from different suppliers. This can make the project cost-effective. However, homeowners must find reputed stores to buy hardware items. Make sure to check the quality of products and how they will hold up in the long run. Moreover, choose stylish products that can improve the aesthetics of the space. Some materials may look expensive but they will be available for a reasonable price. The difference is in the use of the material quality and the finish.


Most modern renovations are focused around simplistic designs. Minimalism is the concept followed by most homeowners. This choice depends on personal preferences and style needs. Lifestyle also plays important role in choosing minimalistic design. It could make the space even larger than it appears. But, avoid any big shelves to intrude the space. Simplistic design also involves adding textures that are mostly neutral. Most commonly, matt black is the preferred shade for textures, as it enhances the overall appearance of a bathroom. Homeowners can also add some exciting colors to create dramatic looks. It will keep the space light and bright despite the available space.

Smart additions

Lastly, smart bathroom fixtures are dominating the market in recent times. It includes motion detecting faucets and systems that also helps to save water consumption. There are also smart lighting controls with preset settings for creating the best atmosphere for a space.