2 Tips for Choosing Shower Tile

Bathroom emails are always exciting because you can transform your space into your dream bathroom. But, choosing materials for a bathroom remodel is different than choosing materials for the rest of your house. Your bathroom sees a lot of use and is exposed to a lot of moisture so you want to choose durable yet beautiful materials for your bathroom remodel. The shower obviously sees the most moisture but it is also a major focal point so below we provide you with two tips that we think will help you have an easier time choosing your shower tile.

2 Tips for Choosing Shower Tile

1. Consider durability when choosing shower tile.

The shower and a guest bath is not often used you may be less concerned with durability and upkeep. But, if you are like most households, your showers see daily use. There are many different shower material types including natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic. Something like glazed ceramic is both affordable and durable. Glazed porcelain is also very durable and comes in a wide variety of beautiful styles but it does tend to be more expensive than ceramic. There’re many types of natural stone and all our beautiful but some are more durable than others. Natural stone tends to be more porous than other materials so it may require more maintenance and upkeep to retain its beauty.

2. Think about tile size when choosing shower tile.

Tiles coming all shapes and sizes and can be individual tiles or mosaics. Larger tiles tend to look more modern where as smaller tiles tend to look more traditional, but this is not a hard and fast rule. One important thing to think about when choosing tile size is that the smaller the tieless the more grout lines there’ll be which would necessitate more cleaning and maintenance.